A Guide For Entrepreneurs Starting A Business
Startup Codex

Here is a particularly complete guide on the steps necessary to create a company.

It is a generic guide and not specifically directed at startup founders.

The steps listed vary in importance, but overall the guide is quite good. It has the merit of listing many legal and corporate aspects and raises awareness on the breadth of topics to be dealt with when starting a business.

Never start a business as a “sole proprietorship,” which can result in your personal assets being at risk for the debts and liabilities of the business. You will almost always want to start the business as an S corporation (giving you favorable flow through tax treatment), a C corporation (which is what most venture capital investors expect to see), or a limited liability company (LLC). None of those are particularly expensive or difficult to set up. My personal preference is to start the business as an S corporation, which can then easily be converted to a C corporation as you bring in investors and issue multiple classes of stock.