About This Site
The world of startups is a huge and exciting territory.

It's also much more complex than the clichés convey. And it can only grow through the exploration of unknown lands.

I want Startup Codex to be a knowledge and wisdom hub about entrepreneurship. Where founders and managers can consume people’s experiences from the best curated content.

I collect, connect and share valuable fragments of this knowledge scattered by those who made this world for the last twenty years.

Founders or managers, I trust you will find something of value everytime you visit here or read the newsletter.

About me
I've been an entrepreneur since 2002. I co-founded and managed operations for two startups.

Both got acquired by larger companies. The first one found a market and scaled aggressively. The second one followed a more difficult path, but the adventure was just as rewarding.

Since 2018, I've been investing in a few ventures and mentoring first-time founders.

I also do occasional consulting missions for exciting startups that reach out to me.