Best Practices to Get the Best Out of Your Board Meetings
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Here is an interesting list of good practices to manage your board meetings.

The founder / CEO discovers early how much the arrival of one or more investors changes his daily life. Setting up regular board meetings is one of the most time-consuming impacts for him.

Bilal Zuberi's list, based on his experience of many boards as an investor, seems to me relevant and pragmatic.

If I had to select three practices to highlight out of the dozen presented here, it would be the following:

  • Boards should not contain the slightest surprise for its participants. All the subjects should have already been discussed beforehand between the founder(s) and the investor(s), through 1-on-1 or other informal meetings. The board is used to validate and log decisions, and to bring ideas and resources that can help the CEO in her/his mission.

  • Involving the top management of the company from time to time can be a great tool for two reasons. It allows its members to measure the quality of the management team. And it helps the management team to get acquainted with the experience of a board and to feel accountable for their perimeter.

  • Keeping a standard presentation format. With synthetic dashboards in the first place. This allows everyone to find the context of the last board more quickly and to quickly see the evolutions, whether negative or positive.

I attended a whole bunch of Board meetings this week on both coasts. Sharing some quick observations on what I typically see work well at Board meetings.

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