Building Hardware Startup Teams
Startup Codex

The most frequent resources available online are about startup teams dedicated to software development. Startup Codex is no exception and I am obviously biased by my own experience in software.

The series of articles selected here is therefore particularly interesting for those who need to build a team dedicated to hardware.

It is composed of three separate posts:

1) The founding team and the culture they instill in the company.

2) Early contributors and the people required to build the first product.

3) The management team and scaling the company to attain market dominance.

Making certain mistakes in hardware costs much more than in software. A hardware startup generally requires more effort to deliver a product than in software, and involves many more third parties in the production chain.

This series of posts goes into detail about these specificities and delivers many tips and pointers for any founder who takes this road. It is also a very interesting read for software entrepreneurs.

Another red flag for investors (and one we see so often it’s worth pointing out separately) is a geographically distributed team. While there are cases where dispersed teams work well, it’s yet another variable you have to account for and overcome. Better to not deal with it until you’re a larger company with lots of momentum. This is particularly true when there’s a hardware product you’re developing.