Farnam Street's Guide to Making Smart Decisions
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Fair warning: if you already are a reader of Farnam Street, you might not learn anything on this page!

Otherwise, here is an exciting source of knowledge for any decision-maker.

Not so long ago Shane Parrish was a cybersecurity expert at Canada's top intelligence agency and an occasional blogger.

His publications are now read by many executives, top athletes and big names in finance, including top hedge fund executives. All of them are looking for ways to free themselves from the mental models that guide most of our decisions. Parrish brings them the solution: reading, reflection and lifelong learning.

Farnam Street is full of articles and principles that I recommend to any founder or manager.

A good starting point is the link presented here. An introduction to the subject of decision making, and a hub for the resources the site offers on the subject.

There is no class called “decision making.” Making better decisions isn’t one skill but rather a series of tools and frameworks.

Combining intelligent preparation — learning about the big time-tested ideas from multiple disciplines — with general thinking frameworks will dramatically improve your decision-making skills.