How Does Divvy's Outcome-Obsessed Product Organization Work?
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This article describes the appealing organizational philosophy of Product Management at Divvy, a startup that provides a corporate card & expense management platform.

Divvy goes to the end of the approach that defines Product Managers as General Managers of their products. They are not simply responsible for shipping their products, but they deliver the business outcome.

This is reflected in several ways in the organization, including incentives linked to financial results and sustained participation in commercial activities.

The article goes into much detail about how Product Management works within Divvy and how it is intimately involved in the sales organization.

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Whether or not you take anything else from our approach, the most crucial point is that you need to shift your mindset from PMs acting as project managers to becoming outcome-driven if you haven’t already. Explicitly re-align your product team to owning outcomes — get them hyper-focused on delivering results to the customers and to the business. Everything else is secondary.