How to Build a Solid Company Culture
Startup Codex

For Fairey the most important part in creating success, is creating a culture that drives it.

He suggests a few ways to do this:

  • Make sure everyone understands the company's purpose. All employees should be able to have an answer to the question "Why does the company exist?".

  • Ensure that everyone can express their ideas and opinions and feel heard.

  • Build for each employee a perspective on his future in the company and show him that he will be supported to reach the next steps.

  • Share the success. A new customer is won thanks to the talents of the sales team, who rely on a high quality product, which relies on quality engineers, etc.

  • Giving power to the teams. To make employees feel truly appreciated, you have to give them the power to make decisions. Totally incompatible with micro-management.

On a personal note, I share the essence of what Fairey describes. A positive corporate culture boils down to giving meaning, autonomy and recognition to employees. It's not as simple as you might think, and it's not just about investing in babyfoots and a Chief Happiness Officer's salary. It requires the total and sincere involvement of the Founders. And the first employees must become the extension of the founders.

The foundation of a good company culture is an environment where people feel safe. That’s rule number 1 and without that you’re done. The issue however and where often HR teams fall short, is it doesn’t stop there and from my experience of building a global business, I can say that the most important part in creating success, is creating a culture that drives it. So here are a few tips I have learned about creating that culture of success.