How to Handle Priorities in a Startup?
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Geoff Ralston evokes in this post the permanent complexity of decision making in a startup.

Constantly juggling with priorities is everyone's daily life in a startup. Ralston evokes the very telling example of the decision to develop or not to develop a new functionality in the product. He proposes an approach to rationalize this decision through a ratio between the proportion of users impacted, the importance of the feature for the average user and the efforts to produce it.

Beyond this particular example, it is an interesting reflection on decision making. Or how to guide one's instinct with a dose of rationality.

One of the most difficult tasks for a startup founder is deciding what to do.

Where should the tiny number of people working on a brand new company spend their time?

Choosing wisely can place your company on the road to success. Spending too much time on the wrong things can condemn the startup to an early death.

How do you know whether you are making the right decisions in time for your company to not die?

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