Management Advice From a New CEO
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I like this post for the simplicity and accuracy with which it summarizes what it takes to be a good manager.

Biz Stone's first CEO position was with Jelly, which he co-founded a few years before posting this. Prior to that he was mostly the co-founder of Twitter, which he accompanied for the first few years. With this post he wanted to share his first feedback on what it means to be a CEO.

What he describes here is for me essential advice for any manager, not only for a CEO. It is perfectly summarized and worth reading.

And there is a reference to Star Trek, which is of course reason enough for me to select this post.

NB: For the record, Jelly - a social search engine - never really took off. Pinterest acquired (more of an "acqui-hire") Jelly the year after Biz Stone wrote this post. And the latter went back to work on Twitter in 2017 at the invitation of Jack Dorsey to take care of the company's culture.

Never assume everyone is on the same page even if your company is only a handful of people. Communicate often! In the absence of knowledge, fear fills the void. Even if a CEO tells their board, that everything is going very badly. That’s good because, “The CEO is on top of it.”