Podia’s Product Process Description
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Something I have learned from my entrepreneurial experiences : no two startups have the same product organization.

The process that leads to the creation and then the evolution of the product must work in symbiosis with virtually every department of the company. That's why it ends up becoming something unique to the company. Although many fundamentals, methods or tools can be found from one startup to another, a product organization is rarely replicable elsewhere without many adaptations.

This is why it is interesting to look at everything that exists and multiply the sources of inspiration to build your own process.

Spencer Fry's article describes the product process of Podia, the startup he founded, at a time when it has about 20 employees.

Annual and quarterly roadmap, strategy doc, specs collaboration, design, development, deployment, announcement. Fry describes all the phases that enable the deployment of new functionalities for their customers.

Between Christmas and New Years, I take a little downtime, but I also spend it writing up a Yearly Product Roadmap for Podia to present to the team during the first week back.

Every Yearly Product Roadmap starts with a brief history of what we did during that year. For us, it goes all the way back to 2014.

After the brief history (which only gets one additional line every year, but does provide context as to where we came from), I write out a reflection on the product work from the previous year.