The Essential Reading About the Lean Start-Up
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Nine out of ten startups fail, making this type of business an investment with an unreasonable level of risk.

To better control this level of risk and ensure the best chances of success, the way of approaching the creation of a startup is constantly evolving. The Lean movement, since the beginning of 2010, is the most popular embodiment of this change.

It aims to move away from the classic business plan approach and investment in a complete product in favor of a process based on experimentation and iteration on user feedback. It has thus introduced two major concepts: "Minimum Viable Product" and


In his essay published in 2013 in the Harvard Business Review, Steve Blank, one of the architects of the Lean movement, presented this approach.

An essential text for anyone who is sensitive to this philosophy of creation.

In this article I’ll offer a brief overview of lean start-up techniques and how they’ve evolved. Most important, I’ll explain how, in combination with other business trends, they could ignite a new entrepreneurial economy.