The Ideation Process
Startup Codex

Having a good idea is not just useful at the beginning of a startup's adventure.

The ability to innovate and solve problems must be part of the daily life of the teams and the corporate culture that binds them together.

Thom James Carter's post provides an overview of what the ideation process is, the benefits it brings to your company and employees, and the different techniques that can fuel it.

When an ideation session takes place, it’s a safe space. There should be no judgment from anybody — including yourself. That inner critic that’s always telling you not to say an idea out loud in case it sounds stupid, or that your idea isn’t good enough when compared to the ideas of others? Tell it to hush up for a while as you conjure up ideas without limitation and without holding back. Ideation gives you and your mind the opportunity to be free of constraints and uncertainty for a little while. And it’s this freeness that causes truly creative, truly innovative ideas to come about.