Tim Denning's Fundamental Business Lessons
Startup Codex

Every venture is different, and the lessons learned are highly contextual and not always intended to be universal.

Nevertheless, I think it is always rewarding to read the feedback from an entrepreneur who takes the time to put it down on paper.

Tim Denning shares the lessons he learned after his 7th failed startup (his words).I agree with most of them, except for the one on Venture Capital where I have a much more moderate opinion.

Customers screaming at you will hurt your ego, even if you’ve got Wonder Woman’s heart of gold. The trick is to become scream-proof. If you’re a parent already then you’re ahead of me.

Customers scream because money is emotional. It’s not the dollars. Customers spend their precious time to earn the money they gave to you. They give up time with their family to get that money. These two realities cause them to get emotional. Your job is not to take it personally.