When Your Customers Think You're Wrong
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Innovation can be about breaking the resistance of your customers.

When you are sure you have found a concept or product whose potential is still underestimated, you will often hear that you are wrong. Including from your customers.

Jon Torrey tells how Dealer.com has persevered for years to convince its customers to have a transparent pricing strategy. Where it might have given up in the face of resistance, its perseverance allowed it to conquer its market (until its acquisition by Dealertrack for $1 billion).

Torrey shares his feedback on the unavoidable difficult conversations with customers when your vision differs from theirs. He gives some tactics on how to tell the right story and stresses the importance of segmentation.

For him, being told that you are wrong is not necessarily a bad thing. The challenge lies in how you respond to criticism.

People don’t like change and customers are no different. But if your business aims to be truly innovative, it means that your customers will have to do things differently than what they are used to.

Different doesn’t always mean harder or worse off, but customers might not see it that way.

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